Three Common Burner Services Needed For Industrial And Commercial Facilities

As winter begins to approach, you never know what the season will bring in. With so many different monumental changes in the weather today, the severity of the cold weather tends to be very unpredictable. However, whatever the forecast or projections, every commercial facility owner should always make sure that they are prepared well in advance. This is especially the case for those of you who want to make sure the workers in your building do not have any unnecessary problems with these industrial and commercial heating systems.

To avoid problems, you may want to make sure that you contact your local industrial HVAC professionals to provide any necessary burner service atlanta ga. When these inspections are performed, here are some common heating repair fixes that the owner and their facility staff may expect when these technicians arrive at the facility where the services are needed the most.

Burner Won’t Ignite

One of the first problems that some burner services technicians find is that the burner will not ignite when they are trying to turn it on. No matter how they try to turn it on, the technician may not even get a spark to ignite a fire. The problem that exists may be due to a number of different factors that need to be corrected for the burner to come on properly. For instance, if the igniter that is presently installed is cracked or even shows signs of being too dirty, the burner will not light. So, it will need to be repaired early before the cold weather begins to sink in.

Burner Igniter Problems Related to Type of Igniter Installed

The fix for a burner ignition problem usually depends on the type of igniter that has been installed. This is because there are at least 2 different types of igniter that manufacturers are designing and making for furnace burners today. Therefore, your burner services technician may be required to fix a hot surface igniter or an intermittent pilot. The fix that must be done could be repaired by cleaning out the igniter so that it will work properly. Or, the technician may be required to fix a crack in the ignition. In either case, until this work is performed, the burner will no longer work.

Malfunction Problems — Burner Needs to be Replaced

In some cases, the problems with a burner can be narrowed down to a malfunction that causes the burner to leak gas or lead to other common issues that need to repair. One telltale sign of a burner that needs to be replaced is the technician sees rust and corrosion growing. When rust and corrosion begin to show up, there is no need to make repairs, but these issues will result in a burner replacement. Without complete replacement, this malfunction unit will not work enough to generate the heat that is necessary to warm the area that it is intended to. Therefore, in these situations, the technician will need the approval of the facility owner to buy the part and install it.